Protect your personal whois data for free!

When registering a domain name you have to specify your real name, address, email and phone number to comply with ICANN regulations. However, because the whois database is accessible to anyone on Internet you risk exposing your personal information to spammers, marketing companies and online fraudsters. And here is when our service comes into use: with PrivyWhois in place your confidential information is no longer available for public consumption. PrivyWhois is the best and most affordable global domain privacy option you'll find anywhere, guaranteed!


For only $1.99 a year you can remain anonymous and protect your personal data against abuse regardless of who your domain registrar is, thus avoiding spam, disturbance, identity theft and a lot of other potential troubles. Moreover, if you refer to PrivyWhois on your active personal blog or an established public forum, then we will refund your payment in full and so you'll get completely free protection for 12 months.


  • Manage your domain at ANY REGISTRAR using our contact credentials while we keep your real contact details hidden.
  • Use single account for UNLIMITED domain names registered through MULTIPLE registrars.
  • Update your private contact details, add additional e-mail addresses ANY time.
  • Receive only valid inquiries CLEAN of spam and viruses.